Washington Post Shows Clear Bias in Its Language

(JNS) Sean Durns - The Washington Post's Nov. 22 story, "Highway of Hope and Heartbreak," says it chronicles "how remote the prospect of a Palestinian state - and a resolution of the Middle East conflict - has become." But the Post can't bring itself to tell readers the truth about why there isn't a Palestinian state. It never tells readers that Palestinian leaders alone are responsible for the lack of such a state because they have rejected numerous offers for a state if it means living in peace next to Israel. Moreover, the Post's bias is made clear by its language. Palestinians have "villages," whereas Israelis have "settlements." Israeli businesses are described sinisterly as "proliferating." The settlements, the Post claims, have been "relentlessly expanding." Yet a March 31, 2017, Post report was titled "Israel set to approve first new settlement in 20 years." "Zealotry," the Post says, "is on the rise" on "both sides." Yet only the Palestinian side names streets, schools and sports tournaments after terrorists. Only one side pays salaries to terrorists who murder and maim Jews. The writer is a senior research analyst for CAMERA.

2021-11-25 00:00:00

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