Israeli President Herzog: We Must Protect Against a Culture that Celebrates Atrocities

(CBS News) President of Israel Isaac Herzog told CBS News' "Face the Nation" on Nov. 12: "Let's also be honest and think whether an average Israeli citizen who seeks security, first and foremost, for himself, for his kids, for his parents, for his loved ones. Why would anybody agree right now to any progress [with the Palestinians] when our neighbors, when we don't see, truly, their ability to fight terror? And many, many of them, including those in Gaza, are hailing and smiling and celebrating in the most atrocious way, the world's greatest atrocity, almost, since World War II." "Part of the whole issue is a culture that celebrates these awful atrocities. These atrocities cannot be accepted in any way. It has nothing to do with the conflict. It has nothing to do with the borders, with settlements, or anything. This is simple, clear barbarism, Jew-hate, other-hate, which is advocated by ISIS, Hamas, al-Qaeda. Which if we weren't here, then Europe would be next and probably the U.S. is the end game for all of them." "We first and foremost have to give safety and security to Israel. And I think a lot of the ideas that will be worked out afterwards will be dependent on their ability to produce safety and security for Israel. And, by the way, for the Palestinians as well." "I believe that all nations in the region would like to get to that moment because, after all, the historic trajectory is the inclusion of Israel in the region and normalization with its neighbors. The whole atrocious campaign, this sadism and barbarism, first and foremost has to do with eradicating Israel, but also undermining and, of course, stopping this process of normalization in the region."

2023-11-14 00:00:00

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