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Intelligence Report: 950 Hizbullah Operatives, 300 Hamas Members in Germany2015-July-01
Islamist Decapitates Man in France 2015-June-29
No Justice from UN Human Rights Council 2015-June-26
The Islamic State Creates a Nation of Fear2015-June-19
We Must Fight BDS in the Name of Human Rights2015-June-12
Islamic State Infiltrates Iraqi Kurdistan2015-June-11
Peace Talks Not a Western Monopoly: China Now an Invested Shareholder 2015-June-01
Legion of Foreign Fighters Battles for Islamic State2015-May-22
Much More Is Needed to Stop Iran from Getting the Bomb2015-May-18
If an Enemy Says He Seeks to Destroy Us, Believe Him2015-May-08
Expert Views Attempt to Establish Islamic Caliphate 2015-April-24
Growing Number of Americans Believe Terrorists Are Winning2015-April-21
Israel Experts View Iran Nuclear Deal 2015-April-17
The Demand for Iranian Recognition of Israel 2015-April-14
Abbas Wants Arabs to Bomb Gaza2015-April-02
The Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism 2015-March-27
Do the Palestinians Want a Two-State Solution?2015-March-24
Petraeus: The Current Iranian Regime Is Part of the Problem, Not the Solution2015-March-23
Context Is Crucial in Netanyahu's Remarks on a Palestinian State 2015-March-19
Text: What Exactly Did Netanyahu Say about a Palestinian State?2015-March-19
Which Group in Syria Is the Lesser Evil for Israel?2015-March-13
Iranian Quds Force Leader, Commanding Iraqi Forces Against ISIS, Alarms Washington2015-March-05
Netanyahu to Congress: The Alternative to This Bad Iranian Deal Is a Much Better Deal 2015-March-04
Converting the Ayatollahs2015-February-27
The ISIS Theater of Cruelty 2015-February-20
How Egypt Sees the Islamic State Threat in Libya2015-February-20
Those Calling for a Boycott of Israel Are Ignoring Some Painful Truths2015-February-20
U.S.-Israel Defense Relations Stay Solid2015-February-18
Report: Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda Planned Attacks in Egypt2015-February-16
The World War Inside Islam2015-February-13
Standing with Israel, Again2015-February-06
Background on Invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu2015-February-02
Only Muslims Can Change the World's View of Islam2015-January-30
The Ideological Roots of Media Bias Against Israel2015-January-30
White House Avoids Using the Phrase "Radical Islam"2015-January-26
John Kerry: Violent Extremism Is Not Islamic2015-January-26
Israeli Delegation Visits India to Strengthen Strategic Relationship 2015-January-23
Say It Like It Is2015-January-21
A New Phase in the War on Terror: Coordinated Commando Strikes by Homegrown Native-Speaking Islamists Activated and Instructed from Abroad2015-January-16
Canary in the Coal Mine2015-January-16
Preventing Terrorism in Europe 2015-January-16
Winning the Battle, Losing the War2015-January-15
Prime Minister Netanyahu at Funerals of Paris Terror Victims: Time to Eliminate Radical Islamic Terrorist Groups2015-January-14
France: A Watershed Moment in the Western Battle against Islamic Extremism? 2015-January-14
A Global War on Radical Islam2015-January-13
Like It or Not, Israel Is Europe's Outpost in the War on the West2015-January-13
Fear Radical Islam - and Fight Back 2015-January-13
The Paris Terror Attacks and Israel2015-January-13
Iran Eclipses U.S. as Iraq's Ally in Fight Against Militants2015-January-12
Jihad in Paris2015-January-09

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