Netanyahu: The Flames of Radical Islam Are Reaching Israel

(Prime Minister's Office) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday at a press conference: "We are in the midst of a wave of terrorism. Terrorists that have been incited and who are riven with hate are trying to attack our people - babies, children, men and women, civilians and soldiers....Israelis are acting with bravery, composure and determination to neutralize and eliminate the terrorists." "This vicious terrorism did not start today. It has accompanied the Zionist enterprise since its beginning. We have always known how to defeat the rioters and build up our country and so it will be now. The terrorists and the extremists behind them will achieve nothing. We will rebuff them and we will defeat them....We live in the Middle East and the flames of radical Islam, which are burning the entire region, are also reaching us. But Israel is a very strong country and Israelis are a strong people....We have a difficult situation now and we must show maximum alertness."

2015-10-09 00:00:00

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