No Justice from UN Human Rights Council

(Times of Israel) David Horovitz - The UN Human Rights Council is no place for those who strive for justice. It neglected to detail precisely how it was that Hamas came to power in Gaza, and what it is that Hamas stands for. It chose not to highlight Hamas' strategic goal of destroying Israel. It mixed up cause and effect in describing the security blockade as "strangling the economy in Gaza and [as having] imposed severe restrictions on the rights of the Palestinians," as though it is the blockade that has radicalized Gaza, rather than having been introduced as an attempted defensive measure by Israel (and Egypt) against the import of weaponry by Hamas. The UN commission of inquiry equated the IDF, committed to self-examination and self-criticism as it struggles to protect Israel against threats on numerous fronts, with an Islamic extremist organization preaching unmitigated hatred for Israel. Israel has no presence in Gaza. Israel has no territorial quarrel with Gaza. If Hamas halted its violence against Israel, there would be no suffering on either side of that border. But so long as Hamas continues to work for Israel's destruction, Israel, like any nation that seeks to survive, will have no choice but to defend itself.

2015-06-26 00:00:00

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