Cameron's Clarity on Violent Islam

(Wall Street Journal) Editorial - British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered an important speech this week promising new measures to counter violent Islam. The root cause of Islamist radicalization, he argued, is neither economic deprivation nor the West's alleged misdeeds in the Middle East. It's a worldview that begins with "hearing about the so-called Jewish conspiracy and then develops into hostility to the West and fundamental liberal values, before finally becoming a cultish attachment to death." He insisted that it wasn't enough for Muslim communal leaders in the West to denounce suicide bombings in London if they didn't also denounce "suicide bombs in Israel." The Prime Minister has delivered an honest assessment of the threat facing Britain and the West. Shiraz Maher, a British ex-Islamist who now works against jihadist groups, told us Mr. Cameron's "real triumph" was his vow to "support liberals and reformers from within British Muslim communities so they can better challenge extremist theology."

2015-07-24 00:00:00

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