Much More Is Needed to Stop Iran from Getting the Bomb

(Wall Street Journal) Lindsey Graham - The president must either negotiate an agreement that will permanently prevent an untrustworthy Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear weapons - or walk away. If he instead commits to a plan that will lead to a nuclear Iran, Congress must stop it. Iran is the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East and the world. It is openly committed to the destruction of Israel. It sits at the nexus of nearly every major global threat. To allow this pariah nation to acquire nuclear weapons and the ability to deploy them against us and our allies - and to share them with radical Islamic organizations - would constitute an incalculable threat to our national security and an existential threat to Israel. Our negotiators and the Iranians have offered wildly differing interpretations of the negotiated framework. On every principle, Iran insists it will never accept our terms. Serious questions remain about how this deal can prevent a nuclear Iran. Will international sanctions be lifted before proof that Iran is in compliance? Can we have a good faith agreement with a regime that for decades has lied and cheated, and still has never come clean about its past efforts to weaponize nuclear technology? Will Iran be required to demonstrate changed behavior - with respect to its nuclear ambitions and its sponsorship of terrorism? The writer is a U.S. senator (R-S.C.).

2015-05-18 00:00:00

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