The Same Fight Against Radical Islam

(Israel Hayom) Judith Bergman - Most mainstream media outlets, which usually avoid any mention of the word "terrorism" with regard to terrorist attacks in Israel, found no difficulty in calling the Paris attacks by their rightful name. Agence France Presse published a list of worldwide terror attacks since 9/11. Only one country was completely missing from the list: Israel. The world embraces France with sympathy and solidarity and declarations that this terrorism must be fought hard, even with the same kind of retaliatory airstrikes that the world so intensely deplores when Israel conducts them. As Israelis and human beings, we also show solidarity with the French. We only wish this solidarity was truly universal and not something reserved only for Western Europeans or Americans. Israel suffers abuse for daring to defend itself against terrorism, with everyone voicing their opinions on how Israel must "show restraint." Israel and the rest of the West are fighting the same enemy - radical Islam. Failure to acknowledge this undermines the West's own fight against it.

2015-11-17 00:00:00

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