The Islamic State Creates a Nation of Fear

(AP) Zeina Karam - Untold numbers have been killed because they were deemed dangerous to the Islamic State, or insufficiently pious; 5-8 million endure a regime that has swiftly turned their world upside down, enforcing its own radical interpretation of Islamic law. The Islamic State is a place where men douse themselves with cologne to hide the odor of forbidden cigarettes; where taxi drivers or motorists usually play the IS radio station, since music can get a driver 10 lashes; where women must be entirely covered, in black, and in flat-soled shoes; where shops must close during Muslim prayers, and everyone found outdoors must attend. "People hate them, but they've despaired, and they don't see anyone supporting them if they rise up," said one Syrian political activist, 28, whose family still lives under IS rule.

2015-06-19 00:00:00

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