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Israel Rejects Latest U.S. Criticism of Settlement Policy 2016-October-07
Why Revoking Tax Exemptions for Groups Supporting Jewish Communities in the West Bank Is Unconstitutional2016-October-07
Israel Rejects U.S. Criticism: Planned West Bank Construction Is Not a New Settlement 2016-October-06
Israel Upholds International Law in the Territories 2016-September-30
World Crises Push Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Off UN Center Stage2016-September-23
Netanyahu Radiates Optimism at UN 2016-September-23
Israel: Netanyahu's Meeting with Obama Was -Positive-2016-September-22
Discussion of Settlements a "Marginal" Part of Obama-Netanyahu Meeting 2016-September-22
Why the UN's Israel Obsession Should Worry Even People Who Don't Care about Israel2016-September-16
At the UN, Only Israel Is an "Occupying Power"2016-September-14
Unsettled: A Global Study of Settlements in Occupied Territories2016-September-14
Palestinians: Economic Peace vs. Anti-Normalization2016-September-14
Netanyahu Says Palestinians Want a State Without Jews2016-September-12
Israel's Rights in the Territories under International Law2016-September-08
Israeli Consul-General: Settlements Are No Obstacle to Peace 2016-September-02
Israel's New Man in New York2016-August-19
Ten False Assumptions Regarding Israel2016-August-16
The Curious State Department Announcement on Israeli Settlements2016-August-02
Hamas Hands Out Land to Civil Servants in Gaza in Lieu of Unpaid Salaries2016-August-01
New State Department Assault on Israel 2016-August-01
The Truth about "Settlement Growth" 2016-July-28
Democratic Party Platform Committee Rejects "Occupation" Language2016-July-11
Diplomatic Ties Help Israel Defang International Criticism 2016-July-06
Israel Responds to the Quartet Report on Middle East Peace2016-July-04
Presbyterians Providing Legitimacy to BDS? 2016-July-01
Democrats' Platform Draft Recognizes Palestinian Aspirations, Rejects Call for "End to Occupation"2016-June-27
Hizbullah MP Calls to Capture Israeli Communities, Take Civilians Hostage in Next War2016-June-24
Israel: Palestinian Violence, Not Settlements, Are Main Threat to Peace2016-June-03
Israel Boycott Is Failing When Measured by Main Economic Gauge2016-June-03
Israel-Arab Economic Cooperation in Jordan2016-June-02
The Arabs' Real Grievance Against the Jews2016-May-13
Sykes-Picot and the Golan2016-April-27
Palestinians Seek a Back Door to Statehood 2016-April-25
Biden's Assault on Israel2016-April-20
Even If U.S. Doesn't Cast Veto, Palestinian UN Initiative Unlikely to Have Impact2016-April-12
PA Denies Pushing for UN Resolution in April 2016-April-11
Netanyahu: Palestinian Moves at UN Make Peace Less Likely2016-April-08
Teaching Palestinians to Hate2016-April-07
Israel Will Support Europe in the Fight Against Terrorism2016-April-05
"Excuses" for Terrorists2016-April-01
U.S. Denounces UN Resolution on Database of Settlement Businesses2016-March-25
EU Uses Aid Money to Build on Disputed West Bank Land2016-March-17
PA Official: Kerry Vowed to Veto UN Resolutions on Israeli Settlements, Palestinian Statehood2016-March-07
The Delusion of Separation from the Palestinians2016-March-03
Israel's Parliament Speaker, a Visitor to Britain, Is a Settler and Former Soviet Prisoner 2016-March-02
The Mideast Peace Process' Biggest Myth2016-March-01
Senate Democrats Split with White House on Israel Trade Provisions2016-February-29
Palestinians Working for Israelis Earn Three Times as Much as in the PA 2016-February-26
Obama's Policy on Israeli Settlements 2016-February-26
Majoring in Anti-Semitism at Vassar 2016-February-19

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