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IDF General Naveh: Gaza Disengagement Proved that Terrorism Has Nothing to Do with Settlements2017-June-16
Six Days and 50 Years of War2017-June-05
Netanyahu: Notion that Handing Over Land Will Bring Peace Is False2017-May-30
Why Is U.S. Funding UN Human Rights Council's Israel Blacklist?2017-May-30
For Many in the Holy Land, Trump's Visit Was a Success for What He Didn't Say 2017-May-26
Israel Needs Palestinian Demilitarization and Defensible Borders2017-May-23
Lapid: Israel Not the Problem in Negotiations2017-May-17
Palestinians Need Real Support, Not Self-Serving BDS2017-May-09
The Trump Administration Settles In on Settlements2017-April-06
In Response to Trump Request, Israel to Restrict Settlements' "Footprint"2017-March-31
Netanyahu to Slow Down Settlement Activity in Effort to Appease Trump 2017-March-31
UN Envoy Nikki Haley: No More UN Resolutions Against Israel 2017-March-28
Britain's Pro-Israel Pivot2017-March-27
UN Human Rights Council Declares Israel World's No. 1 Human Rights Violator2017-March-27
PA Leader Contradicts "Common Knowledge" about Settlement Blocs 2017-March-24
The U.S. Human Rights Report Travesty2017-March-21
Palestinians to Set Conditions on Returning to Peace Talks 2017-March-14
Israel and Its First Peoples, the Jews, Are Not the Problem2017-March-10
Prime Minister Netanyahu Meets with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson2017-March-09
Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman Tells U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson: Settlements Not an Impediment to Peace 2017-March-09
UN Human Rights Council Quicksand2017-March-02
Settlements Would Not Prevent a Two-State Outcome If Israelis Had a Genuine Peace Partner2017-February-27
Netanyahu's Visit to the White House2017-February-16
"The Two-State Solution": What Does It Really Mean? 2017-February-14
Dershowitz Would Defend Israel in The Hague over Settlements Law2017-February-13
Trump: "I Want Peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians"2017-February-10
International Legal Expert: Criticism of Knesset's Settlement Law Is Unwarranted2017-February-10
The Aboriginal Rights of the Jewish People2017-February-10
Israeli International Law Expert: Yasser Arafat Promised Yitzhak Rabin that the Palestinians Would Negotiate the Final Status Issues2017-February-10
New U.S. Government Isn't Obsessed with Where Israel's Jews Live 2017-February-09
Israeli and British Prime Ministers Discuss Iran and Mideast Peace in London2017-February-07
How Israelis See the Settlements2017-February-06
White House: Israeli Settlements No Impediment to Peace, But Expansion Beyond Current Borders May Not Be Helpful2017-February-03
Behind the White House Statement on Settlements 2017-February-03
Israel: U.S. Statement on Settlements Is No Trump U-Turn2017-February-03
New Israeli Construction Is in Settlement Blocs near 1967 Lines2017-February-03
Trump Language on Settlements Returns U.S. Policy to Bush Era2017-February-03
Are Israeli Settlements Illegal? 2017-February-02
Israel Is Not Replacing a Bedouin Town with a Jewish Town2017-January-27
London Times Corrects Headline on "New Settlements"2017-January-27
The Losers of 2016: The Palestinians2017-January-25
The Elements of Diplomatic Deal-Making2017-January-25
Israel to Resume Construction in Jerusalem, Settlement Blocs2017-January-23
Time to Reset Israel-U.S. Ties2017-January-20
The Palestinians Have Partitioned Themselves2017-January-20
Palestinians Want the Jews Gone from All of Israel2017-January-20
South Africa Cannot Claim Ancestral Land Yet Deny Jewish People the Same Right2017-January-20
Paris Peace Conference Ignored French Court Ruling on Israeli Settlements2017-January-19
U.S. Vote at UN Paves the Way to Terror2017-January-18
Foreign Ministry Chalks Up Paris Conference as Win for Israel2017-January-17

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