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Why the U.S. Is Right to Recognize West Bank "Settlements" as Legal2019-November-20
Israelis Welcome U.S. Shift on Settlements 2019-November-20
Israel's Knesset Supports U.S. Shift on Settlements2019-November-20
Behind the Scenes of the U.S. Shift on Israeli Settlements2019-November-20
Pompeo Busts the "Occupation" Myth 2019-November-20
Hansell's 1978 Legal Opinion2019-November-20
U.S.: Israeli Settlements Are Not Illegal2019-November-19
Prime Minister Netanyahu: U.S. Statement on Settlements "Rights an Historical Wrong"2019-November-19
Israeli Opposition Lawmakers Laud U.S. Decision on Israeli Settlements2019-November-19
Legal Expert: U.S. Announcement on Israeli Settlements Does Not Close Door on Peace2019-November-19
Does the U.S. Decision on Settlements Doom Peace with the Palestinians?2019-November-19
Taking the "Illegal" Out of "Settlements" Alters the Parameters of the Conversation 2019-November-19
U.S. Policy Change on Israeli Settlements: A Long Awaited Correction 2019-November-19
Jewish Groups Slam European Court's Ruling Mandating the Labeling of Israeli Settlement Goods 2019-November-13
The European Union Labels Itself Biased 2019-November-13
Congress Warns EU Against "Warning Labels" for Jewish-Made Products2019-November-12
Greenblatt's Legacy: The Administration's Peace Vision2019-October-31
American Withdrawal and the Future of Israeli Security2019-October-17
Israel: Outwardly Turbulent But Internally Stable2019-September-27
Who's Funding Illegal Palestinian Settlements in Area C?2019-August-16
Europe Poised to Put Warning Labels on Jewish-Made Products 2019-August-12
Greenblatt Prefers to Call Settlements "Neighborhoods and Cities"2019-June-28
Jewish-Arab Relations in the Jordan Valley2019-June-14
The U.S. Accepts Israel's Territorial Rights2019-June-12
Thank You, Florida Governor DeSantis2019-May-31
The World Faces Many Tragedies. The Lack of a Palestinian State Ranks Low on the List2019-May-27
Israel TV: U.S. Won't Oppose Extension of Israeli Law to All West Bank Settlements2019-May-13
U.S. Blasts UN for "Anti-Israel Bias" at Security Council Meeting 2019-May-10
Why Doesn't the UN Condemn Hamas Attacks on Israelis?2019-May-10
Dore Gold: The Israeli Public Supports a Strong Position on National Security2019-April-30
Mueller Report Shows No Israeli Links to 2016 U.S. Election Campaign 2019-April-19
Airbnb Reverses Policy Banning Listings in Israeli Settlements in West Bank 2019-April-10
Trump's Golan Strategy2019-March-28
Hungary Opens Trade Mission in Jerusalem2019-March-20
Boycotting Israel Doesn't Help Bring Peace2019-February-21
Poll Shows No Weakening of American Jewish Support for Israel2019-February-20
Anger as Good Morning Britain Posts Survey on Boycotting Eurovision in Israel2019-February-11
I Would Be a Criminal under Proposed Irish Bill to Boycott Israel2019-February-08
Why Has Human Rights Watch Become an Anti-Israel Activist Group?2019-February-06
Amnesty International's Anti-Semitic Campaign Against Jewish Tourism2019-February-01
Amnesty International Singling Out Jews in 20192019-January-07
After Suspending Ban on Settlements, Airbnb VP Tours West Bank 2018-December-19
Airbnb's Anti-Israel Hypocrisy2018-November-27
Airbnb Faces Israeli Class-Action Lawsuit for Delisting Israeli Communities in the West Bank2018-November-23
Saeb Erekat, Airbnb, and BDS2018-November-22
The NGOs and Funders behind Airbnb's BDS Policy2018-November-20
Why Mega-Projects for Saving Gaza Won't Work2018-October-02
European Commission Warns Ireland Against Israeli Settlement Import Ban2018-September-17
Peace Index: 75 Percent of Israeli Jews Oppose Declaring East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State2018-September-07
Former Kuwaiti Minister Describes How Extremists Harmed the Palestinian Cause2018-August-02

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