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BDS Campaign Targeting Toronto Businesses Backfires 2019-September-09
Palestinian Children Stage Mock Kidnapping of Israeli Boy at Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony2019-September-06
Israeli Swim-Tech Company Aims to Make a Data Revolution 2019-August-30
Video: See UN Convoy Ambushed by Hizbullah in 20182019-August-29
Video: Gaza Rockets Intercepted above Israeli Concert2019-August-26
PA Leader Mahmoud Abbas: "Those Who Are Foreign to This Land Have No Right to It"2019-August-23
Two Arab Israelis Indicted for Plotting Terror Attacks on Behalf of Islamic State2019-August-23
How Israel Fights Lone-Wolf Terrorists 2019-August-21
White Nationalist with Large Arsenal Arrested for Threatening Youngstown, Ohio, Jewish Center 2019-August-19
Three Women Sentenced for Defying Compulsory Hijab in Iran2019-August-02
Iranian Women Face 10 Years in Prison for Sharing Videos of Hijab Removal2019-August-01
U.S. Targets Iranian Public with Information Campaign2019-July-29
Houthi Radio Station Raises Funds for Hizbullah2019-July-23
In Iran, Some Women Take Off Their Hijabs2019-July-16
Eurovision Song Contest Cyberattack in Israel Prevented at Last Second2019-July-04
Corruption in the Palestinian Authority2019-June-21
Syrian Refugee Accused of Plotting Terrorist Attack on Pittsburgh Church2019-June-20
U.S. Calls to Unite Against Iranian Threat to Freedom of Navigation2019-June-19
U.S. Releases New Images of Oil Tanker Attack2019-June-18
Tehran Billboard Depicts U.S. and Israeli Ships Being Destroyed 2019-June-17
U.S. Blames Iran for Attack on Oil Tankers, Video Shows Iranians Removing Unexploded Mine 2019-June-14
Video: Google Seeks to Block Anti-Semitic Websites, Takes Down Holocaust Education as Well2019-June-14
How Germans Remember the Holocaust2019-June-14
Innovation: Africa Brings Israeli Solar and Water Technologies to Rural Africa2019-June-07
Iran Pays Gaza Families of Palestinians Killed in Clashes with Israel2019-June-03
Pro-Palestinian Group in UK Supported by Corbyn Forced Jewish-Owned Shops to Close2019-June-03
Latest Video Of Iran's Bond Villain-Like Ballistic Missile Lairs Shows Key New Detail 2019-May-31
Lebanese Monkey Escapes Nun's Farm, Infiltrates Border, Drives Israelis Nuts 2019-May-31
The Left Is Mainstreaming Palestinian Marxist Terrorists2019-May-30
VOA Persian Broadcasts a Powerful Message from an Iranian Regular Army Officer to the People of Iran 2019-May-27
Video Footage Shows Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Doing Nazi Salute when Meeting Hitler2019-May-24
State Department: Iran's Revolutionary Guards Set Up Training Base in Lebanon2019-May-17
Children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: We Will Sacrifice Ourselves for Al-Aqsa, We Will Chop Off Their Heads2019-May-07
Philadelphia Probes Video of Local Muslim Kids Talking about Beheadings2019-May-07
Pompeo: "The Israelis Have Every Right to Defend Themselves"2019-May-06
More than 100 Million People View Teenage Holocaust Victim's Diary on Instagram2019-May-03
Gun-Toting Little Boy Vows to "Shoot Jews" and "Become a Martyr"2019-May-01
In New Video, ISIS Leader Calls to Continue Terror Attacks2019-April-30
Israeli Arab Woman Helped ISIS Plan Terror Attacks on U.S. Water Sources 2019-April-24
Netanyahu Bodyguard Seen Carrying Anti-Drone Rifle2019-April-24
UK Labour MP Claims Video of Guatemalan Troops Shows IDF "Beating Up Palestinian Children"2019-April-23
Palestinian Suspected of Links to Terrorist Group Indicted in U.S. for Visa Fraud 2019-April-17
BDS Leader Barghouti: "We're Not Ashamed to Have Armed Resistance"2019-April-17
SpaceIL Will Broadcast Beresheet Moon Landing Thursday2019-April-09
Video: Palestinian "Paramedic" Filmed Attacking IDF Soldiers2019-March-28
Netanyahu at AIPAC: The Jewish People Stand Up to Hatred, Fight, and Win 2019-March-27
Moon-Bound Israeli Spacecraft Snaps Stunning Photos and Videos2019-March-25
Online Videos Show Hamas Clubbing Unarmed Protesters in Gaza2019-March-20
The "Anti-Hamas Intifada" in Gaza2019-March-18
Hamas Breaks Up Gaza Protests2019-March-15

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