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Palestinians Drop the Ball as Obama Squeezes Israel2010-March-22
For Islamic Extremists, the Main Target is the U.S., Not Israel2010-March-22
The Settlements Aren't the Problem 2010-March-19
How Obama Created the Biden Incident 2010-March-19
Obama-Israel Negotiating Agreement: Don't Ask, Don't Tell on Settlements 2010-March-19
Biden: U.S. and Israel Need to "Get Over" Tensions2010-March-19
Obama Aggravates Israel's Mistake 2010-March-18
Tripping in Jerusalem: The Biden-Israel "Flap"2010-March-18
Biden's Israel Visit and Its Aftermath: The Importance of Maintaining Strategic Direction in U.S. Middle East Policy 2010-March-16
The U.S. Quarrel with Israel2010-March-16
Are America and Israel Drifting Apart? 2010-March-15
The Prerequisite for Peace in the Middle East: Arab Recognition of the Legitimacy of Israel 2010-March-12
Refugees and Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2010-March-12
Jerusalem: It's All in the Timing2010-March-12
Bold New Gaza Play Skewers Fatah and Hamas2010-March-12
Fayyad's Intifada 2010-March-09
Challenges of Middle East Peace2010-March-05
Resistance and Rockets: Hamas Targeting of Israeli Civilians2010-March-01
Time for a Change in U.S. Mideast Strategy 2010-February-12
Israel: Resume Negotiations without PA Preconditions2010-February-02
These Palestinians Aren't Happy about Israel Settlement Freeze2010-January-28
All Process, No Peace2010-January-22
PA Pushing for Israeli Building Freeze in Eastern Jerusalem 2010-January-20
Israeli Foreign Minister: Gestures toward PA Are Finished2010-January-18
U.S. Crafting New, Low-Key Middle East Strategy 2010-January-15
Mitchell: Settlements Will Help Determine Final Borders2010-January-11
Netanyahu: PA Security Forces Showing Timidity2010-January-11
PA: Peace Talks Must Resume from Where They Ended in December 20082010-January-07
PA Prime Minister Helps Burn Jewish Settlement Products2010-January-06
How Can Peace Be Achieved?2010-January-01
Preserving a Legal Inheritance: Jewish Settlement Rights in the "Occupied Palestinian Territories"2009-December-21
Palestinians Destroy Dead Sea Cosmetics2009-December-18
Abbas Still Says No to Talks But Everyone Still Blames Netanyahu2009-December-16
"Abbas Moving the Goalposts"2009-December-16
Abbas Says 1967 Borders Are Precondition for Talks 2009-December-16
Israeli Settlements Are More than Legitimate2009-December-11
Israel Dodges EU Bullet2009-December-09
The Improved Economic Situation in the Palestinian Authority2009-December-07
Israel: Settlement Freeze Is Temporary2009-December-07
The Illegal Settlements Myth2009-December-03
Netanyahu: Settlement Freeze a "One-Time, Temporary" Move2009-December-02
The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding2009-November-30
Settlement Freeze Improves U.S.-Israel Relations2009-November-30
Barak: Israeli Settlement Freeze Is Unprecedented Peace Move2009-November-30
Israeli Prime Minister Improving Conditions for Palestinians - and Prospects for Peace 2009-November-27
PA Intensifies Attacks on Settlement Freeze2009-November-27
Israel Begins Ten-Month Settlement Freeze 2009-November-27
Moratorium Proves Settlements Have Never Been Obstacle to Peace2009-November-26
Israel Announces Ten-Month Suspension of New Construction in West Bank 2009-November-26
Israel: "Settlements Have Never Been an Obstacle to Peace"2009-November-25

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