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Former Foreign Minister Livni: Keeping Settlement Blocs a Requirement for Peace2012-December-13
Stop Scapegoating Israeli Settlements - Jewish Apartment Complexes Aren't Preventing Peace 2012-December-11
The Palestinian UN Upgrade: Setting Things Straight2012-December-06
The Truth about Gaza2012-November-20
Canada, Israel and U.S. Call for UN Rapporteur's Resignation2012-October-26
How Palestinians Keep Shooting Themselves in the Foot 2012-August-23
United Church of Canada Votes Boycott of Israeli Settlement Products 2012-August-17
EU Adds Major Israeli City to Settlement List2012-August-15
Reinvigorating the Discussion of Israel's Rights in the West Bank2012-July-27
Settlements' Legality Won't Prevent Peace 2012-July-12
Settling Truths2012-July-10
Committee Report: "Israelis Have a Legal Right to Settle in the West Bank"2012-July-05
Israeli Settlements, American Pressure, and Peace 2012-June-15
Assad Response to Syria Unrest Divides His Own Sect2012-June-11
What Six Days Achieved2012-June-08
The Truth about the Nakba2012-May-18
Pro-Palestine Groups Reject a Two-State Solution2012-May-17
The Meaning of Nakba Day2012-May-16
Shaul Mofaz Agrees to Join Benjamin Netanyahu's Coalition2012-May-09
Methodists Vote Against Ending Investments Tied to Israel2012-May-03
Major UK Supermarket Boycotts Israeli Exports from West Bank2012-April-30
Israel Formalizes Three West Bank Settlements 2012-April-25
Palestinian Obstructionism 2012-April-18
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak: Build in the Settlement Blocs, But No New Settlements2012-April-11
Palestinians Admire Israeli Democracy2012-April-06
Violence and Rejectionism at the Heart of Palestinian "Land Day" Show2012-April-02
The Palestinians' Confidence-Destroying Behavior2012-March-30
NGOs Lead New Anti-Israel UN Efforts2012-March-28
U.S. Ambassador: Israel's Decision to Cut HRC Ties "Understandable"2012-March-27
Israel Weighs Measures Against Palestinians over UN Inquiry2012-March-26
UN Rights Body Launches Probe into Israeli Settlements 2012-March-23
Israel Condemns UN Decision to Probe Settlements2012-March-23
Who Marginalized the Palestinians?2012-March-09
Abbas Punts on the Mideast Peace Process, Again 2012-February-24
A New, Realistic Peace Is Needed 2012-February-10
"Guardsmen" Seek to Protect Israeli Farmlands 2012-February-10
Israel to UN: You Never Hear Palestinian Leaders Say "Two States for Two Peoples"2012-January-25
Syria-Funded Islamic Jihad Terror Cell Exposed in West Bank2012-January-20
Why Nick Clegg Should Focus on the Settlement, Not the Settlements2012-January-20
Wastewater Reuse Relieves Agricultural Irrigation Drought in Israel 2012-January-12
Palestine's Bid for UN Membership Is Dangerous and Wrong2012-January-06
Israel Gave PA Document of Principles at Jordan Talks 2012-January-06
UN Members Point Finger at U.S. for Refusing to Condemn Israel over Settlement Construction2011-December-21
Friedman Is Wrong 2011-December-16
Veteran Israeli Diplomat: Beware the Arab Spring 2011-December-14
Did a German Officer Prevent the Massacre of the Jews of Eretz Yisrael During World War I?2011-December-09
Al-Qaeda Group Claims Responsibility for Rocket Fire from Lebanon 2011-November-30
Miami Mayor: "Settlements" Is Wrong Word to Use2011-November-21
If Settlements Are Only 1.1 Percent of West Bank, How Are They an Obstacle to Peace?2011-November-18
Blaming the Victim2011-November-14

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