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Al Jazeera - Feeding the Muslim Brotherhood's Political Agenda to the Arab World2024-June-20
Biden's "Peace Now" Plan 2024-June-04
The Depth of Palestinians' Trauma from the Hamas-Triggered War Will Define a Generation2024-May-26
Jordan Foils Iranian Plot to Smuggle Arms into Kingdom2024-May-16
Who Is Paying for the American Campus Protests? 2024-May-07
U.S. Campuses Grooming Terrorists 2024-April-30
Qatar, a Leading Sponsor of Terrorism, Is Not an Impartial Mediator2024-April-25
U.S. NGO Behind Anti-IDF Lawfare Against Israel2024-April-21
Jordan: Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood Acting to Foment Chaos in Kingdom in Service of Iran2024-April-07
Lebanese Sunni Militant Group Joins Shiite Hizbullah to Fight Israel 2024-March-31
Europe Is the Target of Jihadism and Islamism2024-March-31
The Islamist Threat in the UK Is All Too Real2024-March-19
The UK Has an Islamist Problem2024-March-17
Stop the War in Gaza by Defeating Hamas2024-March-13
Time for Britain to Get Tough on the Muslim Brotherhood 2024-March-11
Extremist Acts Have Been Normalized in Britain2024-March-08
A Saudi View of the Gaza War2024-March-06
Defeating an Ideology Takes Time 2024-February-16
Is Hamas Waging a Smear Campaign Against Egypt?2024-January-22
Violent Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Are a Feature of a Dangerous New Politics 2024-January-18
Pro-Hamas Protesters Can't Change Facts 2024-January-11
A New Reality Needed on the Gaza-Egypt Border2024-January-07
Will Egypt Work with Israel to Destroy the Smuggling Tunnels into Gaza?2023-December-29
History Shows Hamas Can Be Defeated2023-December-22
Qatar's Role in Undermining Israel's Legitimacy on U.S. University Campuses2023-December-21
Saudi Arabia Would Quietly Welcome the Demise of Hamas2023-December-05
Why Is It So Difficult for Israel to Decipher Hamas?2023-December-05
Some Ideas Are Worth Destroying 2023-December-01
The Theology of Hamas2023-November-13
Egyptian Journalists: Hamas Is a Terror Organization Bent on Destroying Israel and the Jews2023-November-06
Israel's Victory over Hamas Would Reduce Innocent Deaths in Israel and Gaza 2023-November-03
The Turkish Regime Supports Terrorism2023-November-01
Rockets Launched toward Northern Israel, IDF Strikes Hizbullah2023-October-30
Eliminating Hamas: Obstacles and Opportunity 2023-October-16
Senior Israeli Officials Say Hamas Must Be Crushed2023-October-10
Anti-Israeli Content Removed from Saudi Textbooks2023-July-17
In Obsessing over Israel, the Free World Is Looking the Wrong Way 2023-July-17
Israel Needs to Reach a Warmer Peace with Egypt2023-June-22
Israel-Egypt Relations after the Border Attack2023-June-15
The Saudi-Jordanian Marriage 2023-June-08
Islamist Antisemitism in the U.S. 2023-April-20
UN Human Rights Council Goes on the Offensive Against Israel2022-October-27
Full Acceptance of Israel in the Arab World Is Not Here Yet2022-August-15
Podcast: How Sunni Arab States See Security Threats Today2022-June-16
Turkey Has Not Expelled Any Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood Members2022-May-12
Ra'am and the Israeli Islamic Movement's Interaction with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood 2022-May-12
Gulf Arab Countries Copying Qatar in Hedging Against U.S. Power; Iran Is Thrilled2022-May-09
Egyptian Journalist: No Difference between ISIS, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood2022-April-07
Israel-Turkey Detente Shadowed by Ankara's Ties with Hamas2022-March-10
A "Major Non-NATO Ally"?: For Decades, Qatar Has Supported Every Anti-American Islamic Terrorist Organization2022-February-21

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