Egyptian Journalists: Hamas Is a Terror Organization Bent on Destroying Israel and the Jews

(MEMRI) Since Hamas' Oct. 7 attack on Israel, the dominant tone in the Egyptian press has been hostility towards Israel and support for Hamas' actions. However, some Egyptian journalists have taken a different line. Journalist Sahar Al-Ga'ara wrote in Al-Watan on Oct. 12: "Like many other Egyptians, I was raised from infancy to deeply love Palestine, defend it and feel for it. [But] I have never felt such shame as I felt when I saw Hamas' 'hostages': women, men, children and that disabled old woman! What began as legitimate resistance ended in ISIS-like terror." Journalist Dr. Mouna Al-Hilmi wrote in Al-Dustour on Oct. 21: "Hamas explicitly seeks to destroy or dismantle Israel....Since it is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, it takes part in the [Brotherhood's] jihad to establish a global Islamic caliphate....Hamas is not interested in liberating the Palestinian homeland, because, ultimately, it does not recognize the idea of the homeland and regards Islam as the homeland. What really interests it is...getting rid of the Jews and expelling them from every place."

2023-11-06 00:00:00

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