Pro-Hamas Protesters Can't Change Facts

(Washington Times) Rick Berman - The protesters who want to free "Palestine" are apparently unaware that there has never been a country called Palestine. The Arabs claimed the term "Palestinians" for themselves in 1964 when Yasser Arafat established the Palestine Liberation Organization. The Arabs rejected the 1948 international settlement of their claim and subsequent peace offerings. Reports often refer to "Palestinian refugees." But the children and grandchildren of those who lost or left their homes in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War are not refugees. There are no other examples where refugee status becomes an inherited birthright. Children and grandchildren of Jews who lost their homes to the Nazis or descendants of American Indians forced off their land are not legally entitled refugees. Last year, the U.S. gave $153 million to the UN agency UNRWA for "Palestinian refugees." There is no special UN agency for families who have lost homes in Ukraine, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya or other war-torn countries. Some reporters state that the people in Gaza have been living in cramped quarters. Reality check: The population density of Gaza is equal to that of London and Tel Aviv. Before this war, most residents of Gaza were not living in so-called refugee camps. News videos of the war show neighborhoods of multifloor apartment buildings. Before the Hamas attack, these neighborhoods had upscale shopping malls, a Mercedes-Benz dealership, entertainment venues, and a "world-class zoo." Gaza has been described as an "open-air prison." Israel allowed only selective crossings in response to Hamas' proclaimed desire to destroy its people. Egypt is also unwilling to provide open access given Hamas' connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, another terrorist group. There is no possibility that Israel will make a deal with a terrorist group committed to its destruction. And protesters with slogans on signs won't change these facts.

2024-01-11 00:00:00

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