U.S. Campuses Grooming Terrorists

(Gatestone Institute) Bassam Tawil - While protesters at Columbia University and Yale celebrate Hamas and its "resistance" (a euphemism for violence and terrorism), Arabs have been ridiculing the "pro-Palestinian" demonstrators on American college campuses. For these Arabs, including some Palestinians, there is nothing "pro-Palestinian" about supporting Iran-backed Hamas. While there were some relatively small protests at a few universities in Jordan and Egypt, they did not come close to the wave of antisemitism sweeping U.S. campuses. Those who are chanting "we are all Hamas" are not helping the Palestinians of Gaza even slightly. They are being used by the terrorist group Hamas in its genocidal war against Israel and Jews. These students and faculty members are actually saying that they approve of the atrocities committed by Hamas over the past three decades, including suicide bombings, stabbings, and firing of thousands of rockets and mortars into Israeli cities. Loay Al-Shareef from the UAE wrote on social media: "Dear White Americans and Gen Zs who support or tolerate Hamas supporters on U.S. campuses, a gentle reminder from a credible Arab Muslim voice from the Middle East. You are supporting a terror group with the same Islamist/ Muslim Brotherhood pathological creed that brought down the twin towers in Manhattan in 2001. You would not survive a day in Gaza under Hamas, which demands that 'infidels' live with dignity only if they are subordinate to Islamists."

2024-04-30 00:00:00

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