In Obsessing over Israel, the Free World Is Looking the Wrong Way

(JNS) Melanie Phillips - In 2022, Mohammad Tawhidi, an Australian Shiite cleric and Islamic reformist, noted that while the extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood cannot operate in Muslim countries like Bahrain and Oman, they are operating in Britain, France, Canada and Washington, D.C. For five days in France, Muslim youths torched large numbers of buildings and vehicles. Jewish businesses and institutions were targeted, including kosher restaurants and food shops. Terrified Jews barricaded themselves into their homes as rioters screamed: "Death to the police," "Death to France" and "Death to the Jews! "France is losing the battle to remain recognizably France. Similar demographic trends are changing the face of Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the UK. The writer is a columnist for The Times-UK.

2023-07-17 00:00:00

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