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Palestinian Politics after the Gaza Conflict 2014-October-31
Beating ISIS and Leaving Iran as a Threshold State Is Winning the Battle and Losing the War2014-October-29
Poll: 86 Percent of Americans View Radical Islamic Terrorism as Threat 2014-October-28
Islamist Gunman Kills Soldier in Ottawa, Opens Fire Inside Canadian Parliament2014-October-23
The Terrorism Threat to Canada2014-October-23
The Islamic Republic and Islamic State2014-October-23
Islamic State's Sway Spreads to Lebanon2014-October-22
Islamist Wounds Two Canadian Soldiers in Quebec Terror Attack2014-October-21
Taking Responsibility2014-October-17
Israel Is Shifting towards Conflict Management with Palestinians2014-October-13
What Does ISIS Spell for Security in Asia?2014-October-13
Islamic State Jihadists Are Using Water as a Weapon in Iraq2014-October-10
Paradigm Change for Solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2014-October-01
Egypt's President Backs Global Campaign Against Islamic State Extremists2014-September-24
Islamic State Urges Attacks on U.S.2014-September-23
How Qatar Is Funding the Rise of Islamist Extremists2014-September-23
New Reality for Israelis on Golan Heights: Islamists Now Control the Other Side2014-September-17
Netanyahu: Israel Fully Supports President Obama's Call for United Action Against ISIS2014-September-12
Yale Chaplain Who Blamed Jews for Anti-Semitism Resigns2014-September-10
Despite Arab League Backing for Abbas' Diplomatic Initiative, Palestinians Understand War on Islamic State Comes First2014-September-09
Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon by the Parents of the Late Daniel Tregerman, Age 4 1/2 2014-September-05
Israel and the Arab World: Alliances of Convenience in a Long War2014-September-04
Hamas, ISIS and the Nature of Terrorism2014-August-25
Qatar: Club Med for Terrorists2014-August-25
Hamas Seeks an Islamic Caliphate, Not an Independent Palestinian State 2014-August-19
Israel Finds Silent Backing by Arab Nations Hostile to Hamas2014-August-15
ISIS Leaflets in London Encourage British Muslims to Join Jihad2014-August-14
Egypt Thwarts Rocket Fire Directed at Israel2014-August-13
The Real "Siege" of Gaza2014-August-12
American Intervention in the Gaza Conflict2014-August-08
Israel to UN: Hamas Must Be Disarmed, Gaza Must Be Demilitarized2014-August-07
Washington Needs to Help Cut Off Outside Aid to Hamas2014-August-06
The American Interest in Gaza 2014-August-01
The "Something Worse than Hamas" Myth2014-July-31
Mowing the Grass in Gaza to Degrade Enemy Capabilities2014-July-22
The Similarity between Hamas and ISIS 2014-July-17
Netanyahu: Israel Cannot Accept Another Gaza in the West Bank2014-July-15
Iraq and Iran: A Plague on Both Their Houses2014-July-04
What Does an Islamic Caliphate in Iraq Mean?2014-July-01
Netanyahu Says Security Control of West Bank Is Vital in Any Accord2014-June-30
Israel's New Eastern Front2014-June-26
ISIS Success in Iraq and Syria: Strategic Ramifications 2014-June-25
Unlikely Allies Aid Militants in Iraq 2014-June-20
Jordan Prepares to Contain Fallout from ISIS Advance2014-June-17
ISIS Just Stole $425 Million 2014-June-13
Sunni Militants Heading toward Baghdad 2014-June-12
"Cold-blooded Murder" or a War on Terror"2014-June-09
Taking Iran's Anti-Semitism Seriously2014-June-05
Radical Islamists Destroy Syrian Artifacts 2014-May-22
Boko Haram and the Future of Nigeria 2014-May-16

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