Beating ISIS and Leaving Iran as a Threshold State Is Winning the Battle and Losing the War

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister Netanyahu told the Knesset on Monday: There are those who wish to dictate terms to us that will endanger our security and our future and will push the peace that we so long for further away. Who will prevent the manufacturing of rockets in Nablus and Jenin [in the West Bank]? Who will prevent the digging of terror tunnels from Tulkarm and Kalkilya towards Israeli cities? Certainly not UNIFIL. UNIFIL was supposed to prevent the arming of Hizbullah after our withdrawal from Lebanon and Hizbullah has armed itself ten times over. It will certainly not be UNDOF, which abandoned its positions in the Golan Heights and escaped to Israel. There are those who say perhaps we can trust the Palestinian Authority's security forces. These are the same forces that were defeated within several days by the terrorist forces of Hamas [in 2007]. In defending Israel, there is no replacement for the soldiers of the IDF. When faced with radical Islamist forces that repeatedly knock on our door from all sides, when faced with Abu Mazen's [Abbas'] incitement and his cooperation with Hamas, there is no alternative to taking a strong stand in our demands - including a long-term security presence in the Jordan Valley and our right to act anywhere there is a danger to our security. Violence is not the result of building in Jerusalem. It is the result of our enemy's desire that we not be here at all - nowhere, in no part of Jerusalem and not in Tel Aviv either, not in Haifa, not in Beersheba. For this reason, since the birth of Zionism, building has been the natural and decisive answer to those who plot against our existence and want to uproot us from our land. Beating ISIS and leaving Iran as a threshold state is winning the battle and losing the war. I hope that the international community will not make a historic mistake by easing the sanctions imposed on Iran and leaving it with the ability to enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb in a short period of time.

2014-10-29 00:00:00

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