France: A Watershed Moment in the Western Battle against Islamic Extremism?

(Times of Israel) David Horovitz - However improbable this may sound, it seems clear that French President Francois Hollande did not want the prime minister of the world's only Jewish state to attend a rally organized in at least partial solidarity with a Jewish community that had just seen four of its members gunned down. Hollande feared that Netanyahu's presence would shift focus from solidarity with France to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and wider Jewish-Muslim relations. Now that the marchers have all gone home, what are the French actually going to do about the mounting challenge of Islamist terrorism? Does anybody seriously believe, for instance, that France is about to launch a crackdown on Islamist groupings at its higher-education institutions, or devote serious resources to investigating potential incitement at local mosques? Are France and the rest of Europe about to introduce passenger profiling at EU entry points, the way Israel does? Is the EU set to sanction Turkey for facilitating the flow of radicalized European Muslims to and from the Islamic State terror group in Syria and Iraq? Do the last few days of Islamist murder in France constitute a watershed moment in the Western battle against Islamic extremism? I fear not.

2015-01-14 00:00:00

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