Fear Radical Islam - and Fight Back

(Toronto Sun-Canada) Ezra Levant - Jihad means holy war against infidels. Infidels are all non-Muslims, or even Muslims who aren't radical enough. Those at Charlie Hebdo magazine were attacked because they would not submit to the edict that no one may draw an image of Mohammed, let alone insult him. They would not submit, so they were murdered. You have to work very hard to pretend radical Islam is not at war with the West and our secular, liberal democracies. Israel is besieged, it's surrounded. But it has one advantage over the West: it is not in denial. No one in Israel pretends that there is no jihad; no one in Israel talks about terrorists being just "lone wolves"; no one in Israel denies that terrorism was really terrorism. They don't blame the victim. Jihad cannot be appeased. Everyone is scared of radical Islam. But you can meet fear with resolve and the decision to fight back. That's what Israel has; that's what the West used to have, back when the Nazis stormed across Europe.

2015-01-13 00:00:00

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