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The "Islamophobia" Myth 2010-December-08
Arabs Rejoiced over Israeli Forest Fire2010-December-07
Israeli Muslims Grow Extreme as Others Secularize 2010-November-26
British Foreign Policy on Middle East to Change to Reflect Arab Concerns2010-November-26
If We Aren't Going to Bomb, We Have to Deter2010-November-25
We Must Challenge the Ideology Driving Terrorism 2010-November-16
Baghdad Church Hostage Drama Ends in Bloodbath2010-November-02
Israel Wins Cambridge University Debate 2010-October-29
American Public Opinion toward Iran's Nuclear Program: Moving toward Confrontation 2010-October-28
Hamas Increasingly Unpopular in Gaza 2010-October-11
Why Do Radical Muslims Want to Kill Europeans? 2010-October-08
Ask the Arabs of East Jerusalem: Should Jerusalem Be Redivided?2010-October-01
Israelis Are Not Prepared to Concede Jerusalem2010-September-29
UN Chief Slams Ahmadinejad's "Unacceptable Misuse" of UN Platform 2010-September-27
Radical Islam on Rise in Balkans2010-September-22
Gaza: Why Is Washington Sticking Its Head in the Sand?2010-September-17
PA Cracks Down on Non-Violent Muslims2010-September-15
Hamas Is Not the IRA2010-September-08
Tony Blair: Radical Islam Is World's Greatest Threat2010-September-07
What Abbas Wants 2010-September-06
Britain Faces New Terror Wave2010-August-27
Anti-Semitism on Rise in Europe2010-August-20
"Wherever There Is Hizbullah There Is Iran"2010-August-16
German Mosque Used by Sept. 11 Attackers Shut Down2010-August-10
Britain's New Export: Islamist Carnage 2010-August-06
We Owe the Jews2010-August-03
Why Are the Palestinians Opposed to Ending the Occupation?2010-July-22
Lebanon: Ayatollah Fadlallah's Death and the Expansion of Iranian Hegemony2010-July-21
Five Minutes to Midnight in Britain's Battle Against Radical Islam 2010-July-16
U.S. Should Better Define Radical Islamist Threat 2010-July-13
Obama and Saudi King Discuss Mideast Peace Process 2010-June-30
Support Israel: If It Goes Down, We All Go Down 2010-June-17
IHH Preparations for a Violent Confrontation with IDF Soldiers Aboard the Turkish Ship Mavi Marmara 2010-June-09
Egypt Opens Door to Gaza Just a Little 2010-June-09
International Donations Not Always Welcome in Gaza 2010-June-08
Why No Outrage for Anti-Israel, Phony Flotilla?2010-June-07
Turkey's Radical Drift2010-June-04
Breaking the Gaza Blockade Dooms Peace Efforts 2010-June-03
Flotilla's Aim Was to Open Sea Corridor for Hamas2010-June-02
Israel Says Free Gaza Movement Poses Threat 2010-June-01
A War for the World's Future2010-May-31
At War with Radical Islam 2010-May-28
Growing Radicalization Among Israeli Arabs? 2010-May-28
Turkish Relief Fund Involved in Gaza Flotilla Has Radical Islamic Orientation2010-May-28
New U.S. Security Strategy Focuses on Terrorists at Home2010-May-27
Iranian Cleric Calls for Creation of "Greater Iran"2010-May-17
Did the Peace Process Radicalize Palestinians?2010-May-14
Islam's Nowhere Men 2010-May-11
New U.S. "Nuke-Free" Strategy a Dangerous Initiative 2010-May-10
Undercover NYPD Officers Infiltrate Jihadis' World2010-May-07

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