The Muslim Brotherhood Spring

(Al-Arabiya-Dubai) Mshari Zaydi - Today, those who supported the Egyptian revolution are in a state of shock with regards to the domination of the political arena by religious parties and currents. This is something that has expanded beyond the Egyptian scene. Indeed, what we are seeing is a political Islamist tsunami occupying the scene in Libya, while in Tunisia, the [Islamist] al-Nahda party is in political ascendency. Many Arab writers have expressed their confusion about the presence and popularity of these radical Islamists who are overwhelming the political scene, and are asking: where did the Facebook youth go? What guarantee do we have that these religious fundamentalists will relinquish power once their failure is revealed, particularly as all the elements of power will be in their hands? Did this work out in Iran which has been ruled by Khomeneist disciples for over three decades? How should we deal with this critical period which should be called the Muslim Brotherhood Spring, not the Arab Spring? The writer is a Saudi journalist and expert on Islamic movements and Islamic fundamentalism.

2011-11-14 00:00:00

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