Israel, Egypt, Turkey - Shifting Sands

(Jerusalem Post) Zvi Mazel - Yes, peace was achieved between Israel and Egypt, then Jordan, but this was a peace between governments, not peoples. Incitement against the Jewish state never stopped, finding fertile soil in the minds of youngsters taught from the cradle that Jews are the enemies of Islam and will be destroyed. Egypt is looking at a lengthy period of instability before new institutions are elected and steps are taken to revive a failing economy, a process which will take at least two years. Radical Islam could claim a significant victory and be part of the new government. Egypt imports 50% of its wheat, drawing on its already depleted reserve to subsidize basic foodstuffs. Tourism, its main source of revenue, is facing its worse crisis ever. Unfortunately the rise of radical Islam and years of media incitement unchecked by the government have turned many Egyptians against Israel. Their neighbor makes a convenient scapegoat for the failure of the temporary rulers to achieve any of the goals of the revolution. The crises with Egypt and Turkey are not of Israel's making. The writer is a former ambassador to Egypt.

2011-09-21 00:00:00

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