The Islamic Republic of Egypt?

(Israel Hayom) Alexander Bligh - The current Egyptian military regime is faced with a complex predicament: If it shoots, it might prolong its rule slightly, but will go down in history as another Gaddafi- or Assad-like regime; if it holds its fire, it will seal its fate. With no obvious alternative to the military except the Muslim Brotherhood, once the military council falls, the Islamic forces will take over almost by default. Thus, the current wave of unrest, regardless of its outcome, serves as a significant boost for radical Islam in Egypt and could hasten its rise to power. With military rule on its way out, Israeli leaders would be wise to immediately consider a scenario in which a new, hostile regime takes power in Egypt. The writer is a professor at the Department of Israel and Middle East Studies at Ariel University Center.

2011-11-25 00:00:00

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