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Changing Iran's Mind on Pursuing a Nuclear Bomb 2011-January-07
Stuxnet for the Nobel Peace Prize2011-January-07
Under Fire2011-January-07
As the Worm Turns2010-October-04
Strategic Competition with Iran: The Military Dimension2010-August-18
Hitting Tehran in the Tank2010-July-23
Israel: Not Just a Strategic Asset, But a Strategic Bonanza2010-July-22
Iran: The Case for "Regime Change"2010-April-23
Why Israel Must Man the Borders with Jordan2010-January-29
It's Up to Netanyahu2009-November-23
Israel Paying the Price for U.S.-Russia Rivalry 2008-August-22
Israel at Sixty: Asymmetry, Vulnerability, and the Search for Security 2008-May-30
Iran Must Finally Pay a Price2008-May-06
Report: Israeli Jets Foiled Russian Radar in Syria 2007-October-02
Iran's Expanding War Strategy 2007-September-20
The Dangerous Iran-China Partnership2007-February-22
Better Off Dead2007-January-02
Terror on the Dole2004-April-26
Libya Vows to Give Up Banned Weapons2003-December-22
Iran Said to Be Producing Bioweapons2003-May-15
Syria Should be Next on America's Hit List2003-April-15
Troops Uncover Sarin Gas Testers2003-March-31
Kuwaiti, U.S., German, Czech Forces Hold Chemical Warfare Drill2002-October-23
The Legality of Pre-emptive Strikes against Rogue States2002-September-12
The Dossier Against a Dictator2002-August-29
Saddam To Be Target of Britain's 'E-bomb'2002-August-27

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