Leaking Cyberwar Secrets

(Tablet) Lee Smith - The New York Times published an explosive story detailing the collaboration between Israel and the U.S. in its cyberwarfare campaign against Iran's nuclear weapons program. The nature of the story is given away in a quote from Vice President Joe Biden, exasperated after Stuxnet mistakenly appeared on the Web in the summer of 2010, exposing the code. "It's got to be the Israelis," said Biden. If the Israelis are in fact incompetent at waging cyberwar, then that's real news, since the Israelis have always been reputed to be the best in the business. "If Israel is incompetent, then why was Stuxnet successful?" said journalist Yossi Melman. "A thousand centrifuges were disabled, which makes it a very successful campaign." Melman said that according to the Israeli officials he's spoken with, it was Israel that initiated the idea of utilizing computer viruses. "They've been doing cyberwarfare slightly longer than the Americans...exploring the potential for offensive as well as defensive cyberwarfare capabilities for at least a decade."

2012-06-08 00:00:00

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