Syria's Arsenal of Unconventional Weapons Must Be Destroyed

(Times of Israel) Lenny Ben-David - Syria has hundreds of long-range missiles, some equipped with cluster-bomb warheads suitable for dispersion of chemical weapons. Some of the chemical warfare activity is done in cooperation with Iran, which provides training and equipment. A CIA study released in 2010 stated, "Syria has had a CW [chemical weapons] program for many years and already has a stockpile of CW agents, which can be delivered by aircraft, ballistic missiles and artillery rockets." Persistent reports over the last decade suggest that Saddam Hussein smuggled elements of his WMD programs to Syria before he fell. The destruction of Assad's WMD and missile arsenal would be a powerful signal to the ayatollah regime in Iran to "cease and desist" its nuclear weaponization program. It would be proof that indeed "all options are on the table" - including wiping Syria's table clean. The writer was deputy chief of mission of Israel's embassy in Washington.

2012-02-24 00:00:00

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