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Israel Cannot Depend on International "Security Assurances" over a Palestinian State 2024-February-14
Iran Identifies 5 Prisoners It Wants from U.S. in Swap for Iranian-Americans and $6 Billion 2023-September-14
Together with Increased Military Cooperation, U.S. Upgrades Spying on Israel 2022-December-22
The Russia-Ukraine War and Its Legal and Political Implications 2022-March-14
Israel Opposes Limited Deal with Iran 2021-November-18
Iran and U.S. Strategy: Looking beyond the JCPOA2021-July-05
Saudi Arabia and Israel See Iran as Existential Threat2021-February-11
Europe Must Join the Fight Against the Iranian Regime2020-June-19
U.S.: Iran Military Satellite Launch a Cover for ICBM Development2020-April-23
How the Coronavirus Is Changing How We Think about Warfare2020-April-10
Iranian to Be Charged in U.S. for Exporting Military Sensitive Items to Iran 2020-March-18
"No War, No Negotiation" Is Iran's Stance2019-May-22
Iran Should Reconcile with America2019-April-09
French Doctors Visit Israel to Learn About Emergency Care2017-January-11
Israel's NSA 2016-May-13
The Obama Doctrine 2016-March-11
Israel: Iran's Ballistic Missile Program Must Be Stopped2016-March-10
Big Questions on Iran Are Still Unanswered 2016-January-27
The Ongoing Iranian Threat2015-August-18
Syria's Chemical Weapon Obfuscations2015-August-10
The Implications of Middle East Chaos2015-July-13
Netanyahu: Belief that a Prosperous Iran Will Be Less Aggressive Is Wishful Thinking2015-June-10
Deterring an Iranian Nuclear Breakout 2015-May-22
Why America Needs Israel 2015-May-01
Iran's Provocative Naval Exercise: Motives and Implications 2015-March-05
Time to Take It to Iran2015-January-26
Understanding the Mind of Jihad 2014-June-27
The Iran-Israel Struggle Heats Up2014-April-01
Iran's Fortunes Rising in a Middle East Vacuum2014-March-19
In Iran We Trust? If Tehran Breaks Its Promises, We're Unlikely to Know2014-February-04
The U.S. and Iran2013-December-17
President Obama Addresses the American People on Syria2013-September-11
CIA Official Calls Syria Top Threat to U.S. Security2013-August-07
Iran's New Leader and the Limits of Diplomacy2013-August-05
Israel to Revamp Army for New Risks 2013-July-12
The Dangers of Syria's Bio-Warfare Complex Should Assad Fall2013-January-11
Friends with Benefits: Why the U.S.-Israeli Alliance Is Good for America2012-December-07
The Coming World Disorder 2012-December-07
U.S. Well-Positioned for Ongoing Operation Against Iranian Nuclear Facilities2012-August-03
U.S. Lawmakers Reach Compromise on Iran Sanctions2012-July-31
To End Iran's Nuclear Program, It's Time for America to Step Up Its Economic Warfare2012-June-29
U.S., Israel Developed Computer Virus to Slow Iranian Nuclear Efforts, Officials Say2012-June-20
Leaking Cyberwar Secrets 2012-June-08
Syria's Arsenal of Unconventional Weapons Must Be Destroyed 2012-February-24
Fighting Fair: The Ethics of Warfare2012-February-24
An Iran with Nuclear Weapons Is the True Threat to the World Economy2012-January-16
Growing U.S. Fears over Iran's Ties to Latin America2012-January-11
A Credible Military Threat to Iran2011-November-18
Iran Is on the Verge of Getting the Bomb. It Is Time to Act2011-November-04
Israel: A True Ally in the Middle East 2011-November-01

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