President Obama Addresses the American People on Syria

(White House) "On August 21st...Assad's government gassed to death over a thousand people, including hundreds of children....No one disputes that chemical weapons were used in Syria....Moreover, we know the Assad regime was responsible." "What happened to those people - to those children - is not only a violation of international law, it's also a danger to our security....If we fail to act, the Assad regime will see no reason to stop using chemical weapons. As the ban against these weapons erodes, other tyrants will have no reason to think twice about acquiring poison gas, and using it. Over time, our troops would again face the prospect of chemical warfare on the battlefield. And it could be easier for terrorist organizations to obtain these weapons, and to use them to attack civilians." "A failure to stand against the use of chemical weapons would weaken prohibitions against other weapons of mass destruction, and embolden Assad's ally, Iran - which must decide whether to ignore international law by building a nuclear weapon, or to take a more peaceful path. This is not a world we should accept." "Over the last few days, the Russian government has indicated a willingness to join with the international community in pushing Assad to give up his chemical weapons....This initiative has the potential to remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force, particularly because Russia is one of Assad's strongest allies. I have, therefore, asked the leaders of Congress to postpone a vote to authorize the use of force while we pursue this diplomatic path." "We will work together in consultation with Russia and China to put forward a resolution at the UN Security Council requiring Assad to give up his chemical weapons, and to ultimately destroy them under international control. We'll also give UN inspectors the opportunity to report their findings about what happened on August 21st."

2013-09-11 00:00:00

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