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The Death Knell of the Non-Proliferation Regime?2015-December-21
Hamas and the Islamic State: Growing Cooperation in Sinai 2015-December-16
Islamic State's Crusade Against Music2015-December-04
Islamic State Tightens Grip on Libyan Stronghold of Sirte 2015-December-01
Sirte in Libya May Be Islamic State's Fallback Option2015-December-01
Still Blaming Israel First2015-November-26
Inconvenient Truths about the Middle East Peace Process 2015-November-24
ISIS Leader in Libya Is Targeted in U.S. Airstrike2015-November-16
What Will Come After Paris2015-November-16
Why Is the EU Stigmatizing Israel?2015-November-05
The Middle East Collapse2015-October-20
Joseph's Tomb Arson Demonstrates Fate of Holy Sites in Palestinian Hands2015-October-19
Europe's Refugee Crisis Driven by Iran Deal2015-October-09
Who Are Egypt's Amazighs? 2015-October-02
Migrants Are Disguising Themselves as Syrians to Enter Europe2015-September-25
Israeli Strategic Challenges and Opportunities in the New Year 2015-September-18
Migrants Pose as Syrians to Open Door to Asylum in Europe 2015-September-17
For Syrian Refugees in Italy, Israel Remains Enemy No. 12015-September-17
Iran Gets Money that Should Be Used to Pay Its Terror Victims2015-August-14
A Deal with Gaping Failures 2015-July-17
Egypt, Facing Terrorism, Wants High-Tech American Border Security System2015-July-10
Trusting Iran to Stop Terrorism Is Like Inviting an Arsonist to Join the Fire Brigade 2015-July-10
Is Hamas Working with Islamic State in Sinai?2015-July-08
What to Do About an Imperial Iran2015-July-02
How to Salvage Some Security from the Botched Iran Deal2015-July-01
North African Militant Leader Believed Killed in Airstrike2015-June-16
The Unrealistic European Peace Offensive2015-June-05
Middle East Map Carved up by Caliphates, Enclaves, and Fiefdoms2015-June-04
Peace Talks Not a Western Monopoly: China Now an Invested Shareholder 2015-June-01
The Demons of the Farhud Pogrom Are With Us Still2015-May-29
Islamic State Solidifies Foothold in Libya to Expand Reach2015-May-19
Why France Should Rethink Its UN Peace Initiative 2015-May-07
A Longstanding Nonproliferation Standard Is Dead2015-April-21
Islamic State Shoots and Beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya 2015-April-20
Italian Police: Muslim Migrants Threw Christians Overboard2015-April-17
In Egypt, Dangerous Stalemate Against Islamic Terrorism 2015-April-17
Behind the Saudi Military Intervention in Yemen 2015-April-01
We're Letting Iran and ISIS Carve Up Iraq2015-March-17
Turkey's Secret Proxy War in Libya?2015-March-17
Egypt Feels the Squeeze from Jihadis, U.S. and Hamas2015-March-12
Egypt Shifts Forces from Sinai to Libyan Front to Combat Islamic State2015-March-06
Will Egypt Bomb Gaza?2015-February-27
Egypt Left to Fight Alone Against Islamist Terrorism2015-February-27
When Islamic State Starts Hitting Ships2015-February-24
Libya Militias Capture Chemical Weapons2015-February-23
The ISIS Theater of Cruelty 2015-February-20
French Journalist Worked with Mossad and CIA 2015-February-20
Italy Fears ISIS Invasion from Libya 2015-February-19
Hamas Warns Italy Not to Embark on Libyan "Crusade"2015-February-19
Islamic State Militants Find a Foothold in Chaotic Libya2015-February-19

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