For Syrian Refugees in Italy, Israel Remains Enemy No. 1

(Times of Israel) Rossella Tercatin - Despite the cruelty of Libyan smugglers, despite the suffering inflicted upon them by their own government that forced them to flee for their lives, Syrian refugees I met in Milan, Italy, still view Israel as their real enemy. "Israel is the ultimate enemy, that's what we've been told since we were kids," said Adman, 21. He warned me not to tell the other refugees that I was Jewish. "Some of them could react badly," he said. Rima, 28, a Syrian working for an Italian NGO at a migrant registration facility, explains: "For Syrians, Israel is Palestinian territory." "I don't think that Jews should have a state. They are a religion, not a people....I don't think a Jewish state has any reason to exist."

2015-09-17 00:00:00

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