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Connecting the Terror in Paris with the Terror Against Israel2015-December-14
How to Beat Islamic State2015-December-14
The Formulation of a Counterterrorism Strategy 2015-December-11
The U.S. Needs an Anti-IS Playbook2015-December-10
Lawmakers Propose to Have Social Media Companies Report "Terrorist Activity" 2015-December-09
After San Bernardino Attack, President Obama Addresses the Nation on Terrorism 2015-December-07
California Attack Has U.S. Rethinking Strategy on Homegrown Terror 2015-December-07
The Confrontation between Turkey and Russia: Lessons for Israel 2015-December-04
For Israel: ISIS Is Bad, But the Iranian Axis Is the Graver Threat2015-December-02
The Paris Attacks: Not a Strategic Change, But a Natural Development2015-December-01
German Officials Warn of New Security Risk: Local Extremists Recruiting Refugees2015-November-30
A Nation Dominated By Some Very Bad Ideas2015-November-27
Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Say U.S. Is at War with Radical Islamic Terrorism2015-November-23
Politically Correct Westerners Serve the Aims of the Islamist Revolution 2015-November-20
Will Cameras on the Temple Mount Work?2015-November-19
Russia Is a New Front for Militant Islam2015-November-17
The Same Fight Against Radical Islam2015-November-17
Israel Has Always Been on the Side of the Free World in the War Against Terrorism2015-November-17
Paris Attackers Communicated with ISIS, Officials Say2015-November-16
Has France's All-Out War on Terror Really Begun?2015-November-16
Nothing in Islam Justifies the Stabbing of Innocent Jews2015-November-12
Netanyahu: Last Time It Was Rockets, This Time It's Knives2015-November-04
Palestinian Violence Part of Worldwide Islamic Terror2015-November-02
Islamic State Planning Mass Attack on Britain, Warns Head of MI52015-October-30
Islamic State on Recruitment Spree in Russia2015-October-30
The Hidden Hand Behind the Palestinian Terror Wave2015-October-30
Anti-Semitism among Migrants a Concern for German Jews2015-October-29
Israel to UN: Islamist Militants Use Al-Aqsa Mosque as a Weapons Depot2015-October-19
For Palestinians, Conflict with Jews Is Existential in Nature2015-October-13
Netanyahu: The Flames of Radical Islam Are Reaching Israel2015-October-09
Palestinian Incitement and Terrorism2015-October-09
Netanyahu: Israel's Enemy Is Twofold - Shiite and Sunni Radical Islam2015-September-25
Abbas: "We Welcome Every Drop of Blood Spilled in Jerusalem"2015-September-25
Israel Fears Return of Persian Empire2015-September-24
Russia in Syria: Threats and Opportunities for Israel 2015-September-21
Palestinian Violence on the Temple Mount 2015-September-18
Russia's Declining Military Capabilities2015-September-10
U.S. Still Needs Israel2015-September-08
Israel's Policy Dilemmas on Syria2015-September-03
Retired Generals and Admirals Urge Congress to Reject Iran Nuclear Deal 2015-August-27
Palestinians Flock to Islamic State2015-August-26
Internal Security Minister: Outlaw Radical Muslim Groups that Harass Jews on Temple Mount2015-August-25
What Next for Islamic State? 2015-August-13
Waking Up to a Nuclear Iran?2015-August-12
Is the Nuclear Deal Likely to Transform Revolutionary Iran?2015-August-10
U.S. Official: Israel Objected to Arms Sale to Gulf States Following Iran Deal2015-August-04
Cameron's Clarity on Violent Islam 2015-July-24
Egypt Fights a Terror Onslaught2015-July-13
The Implications of Middle East Chaos2015-July-13
The Mideast Political Reality Does Not Smile on the Palestinians 2015-July-03

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