Israeli Black Flags: Salafist Jihadis in Israel and the Rise of the Islamic State

(Military and Strategic Affairs-Institute for National Security Studies) Ariel Koch - The Israel Security Agency reported that the Salafist movement in Israel is "gaining a foothold and is a draw for young radicals," but it is failing to pull in the masses. While the appearance of black flags in Israel points to the presence of Salafist jihadist adherents, violent action depends more on the means (or their lack thereof) available to radical Salafists, and less so on their wishes. The radicalization of individuals in the Israeli Muslim Arab sector affects their immediate surroundings; their uncompromising approach, which enjoys a tailwind blowing from Iraq and Syria, has a tendency to attract others. Given the actions carried out publicly by the Islamic State, the one who flies this flag knows exactly with what he identifies.

2015-12-17 00:00:00

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