Canada's Growing Jihadi Cancer

(Daily Beast) Dana Kennedy - The attention focused last week on the Ontario branch of al-Huda, the same religious school the San Bernardino killer Tashfeen Malik attended in Pakistan, is just one example of increasing Saudi-funded Islamic fundamentalism all over Canada. Radical mosques with reported ties to terrorist organizations have flourished in and around Toronto as well as in Montreal. The Mississauga, Ontario, branch of the al-Huda school closed for at least one day last week after CBC reported that four girls who studied there left Canada to join the Islamic State. "Farhat Hashmi runs al-Huda and denies that jihad is being taught there," said Dr. Farzana Hassan of the moderate Canadian Muslim Congress. "She's not telling the truth. I've listened to her podcasts in the Urdu language. She praises jihad and says women should participate." Prime Minister Trudeau's key aide helping him nail the Canadian Muslim vote was Omar Alghabra, 46, a Saudi-born Syrian immigrant. Alghabra was once president of the Canadian Arab Foundation, which lost government funding in 2009 because of its support for groups like Hizbullah and Hamas, which are officially listed as terrorist groups in Canada. Trudeau just named Alghabra as his Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs (Consular). Alghabra once denounced Toronto's police chief for taking part in a charity walk for Israel.

2015-12-18 00:00:00

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