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American Jews Overwhelmingly Support Israel in a War Imposed upon It by Genocidal Forces Seeking Its Destruction2024-May-21
Salman Rushdie: Palestinian State Would Be "Taliban-like," Ruled by Hamas2024-May-21
Expert: Gazans Have Been Brainwashed by Hamas2024-May-19
The War Against the Jewish Story2024-May-09
Hamas Has a Vested Interest in Prolonging the Ceasefire Negotiations2024-May-07
The Only Interpretation of Iran's Attack that Matters Is Israel's 2024-April-18
The Israeli-Palestinian "Two State Solution"2024-April-07
Europe Is the Target of Jihadism and Islamism2024-March-31
Does the U.S. Need a Palestinian State? 2024-March-18
Time for Britain to Get Tough on the Muslim Brotherhood 2024-March-11
Why Do Iran and Hizbullah Crave Jerusalem?2024-February-29
What Will Happen to Hamas?2024-February-26
The House of Commons Debates a Gaza Ceasefire2024-February-23
1,200 UNRWA Staff - Not Just 12 - Have Links to Hamas or Islamic Jihad 2024-January-30
The Obstacle to Peace Is Not the Absence of a Palestinian State but the Opposition to a Jewish State2024-January-29
Violent Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Are a Feature of a Dangerous New Politics 2024-January-18
The West Must Win This Battle with the Enemy Within 2024-January-17
The Invasion-Mass Murder Strategy of Hamas and Hizbullah 2024-January-08
Western Civilization Is Under Threat from Without and Within2024-January-05
How Westerners Empower Radical Islam 2023-December-29
Hamas Sees Peace as Weakness2023-December-19
Saudi Arabia Would Quietly Welcome the Demise of Hamas2023-December-05
Radical Islamist Fatally Stabs German Tourist in Paris, Wounds Two Others2023-December-03
Israel's Critics Are Siding with Some of the Worst People on Earth2023-November-29
Hamas' "Numbers Warfare": Understanding Hamas' Casualty Reporting in the Gaza War 2023-November-13
Questions for Israel's Critics 2023-October-26
Israel Must Now Defeat, Not Just Contain, Hamas2023-October-10
How to Support the Druze Revolt in Syria 2023-October-05
Israeli UN Ambassador Erdan: Iranians across the Globe Were Moved by My Protest 2023-September-28
Senior Libyans Met Secretly with Israeli Lawyer2023-September-04
The Academy of Hate2023-June-12
The Saudi-Jordanian Marriage 2023-June-08
Islamist Antisemitism in the U.S. 2023-April-20
Professor's Academic's Antisemitism Isn't Helping Palestinians Like Me 2023-March-20
Making the Case for the UK to Proscribe Iran's IRGC 2023-January-19
"Imam of Peace" Fights Islamist Extremism 2022-December-29
Former Prime Minister Netanyahu: "Iran Cheats, You Can Sign 100 Agreements with Them, It Doesn't Mean Anything"2022-October-20
Palestinian Textbooks Rife with Holocaust Denial2022-August-25
Key Factors that Led to the Abraham Accords2022-August-18
Israel Targets the Worst Terrorists and Takes Careful Aim2022-August-18
Full Acceptance of Israel in the Arab World Is Not Here Yet2022-August-15
Israel Calls on UN Security Council to Condemn Islamic Jihad for War Crimes 2022-August-11
New Dialogue and Collaboration between EU and Israel2022-May-23
Ra'am and the Israeli Islamic Movement's Interaction with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood 2022-May-12
Israel to UN: Palestinian Terrorists to Blame for Temple Mount Violence in Jerusalem2022-April-28
Macron II, the Jews, and Israel2022-April-28
Why Palestinians Celebrate the Murder of Jews2022-April-14
Accommodating Iran Will Be No More Successful than Accommodating Russia 2022-March-07
Ukraine's President Zelensky Is Winning the Narrative Campaign2022-March-03
The New York Times' Distorted Coverage of Israel Is Getting Worse 2022-January-06

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