Former Prime Minister Netanyahu: "Iran Cheats, You Can Sign 100 Agreements with Them, It Doesn't Mean Anything"

(PBS) Judy Woodruff - Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview on Wednesday: "Do you want Iran to have nuclear weapons and threaten the entire world, chanting 'Death to America' and 'America the Great Satan'? Not a good idea. The [proposed Iran] deal doesn't stop it." "I sent the Mossad to the heart of Tehran to pilfer the secret atomic archives of Iran....And when we looked at it, we could see that they were cheating. They had, as early as 2003, a secret plan to build...five atomic bombs, Hiroshima-style bombs....Iran cheats. And, look, there is no way to stop them. You can sign 100 agreements with them....It doesn't mean anything." "Iran is...a radical Islamic regime that is fundamentally opposed to our free way of life, our free societies....that's only going to be stopped not by any agreement. It's going to be stopped by the combination of crippling economic sanctions and a credible military option." "The agreements...merely pave Iran's path to the bomb with gold, with hundreds of billions of dollars that they use both to accelerate their nuclear program and also to foment terrorism and aggression throughout the Middle East and the world. You want to stop Iran, stop it now. Stop it before they have nuclear weapons, because, once they do, you're not going to be able to."

2022-10-20 00:00:00

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