Questions for Israel's Critics

(Times of Israel) Yair Lapid - How many Jews need to die before you stop blaming us for everything that happens? 1,400 were murdered. How many more do you need? Hamas abducted Abigail. She's 3. Who abducts a 3-year-old girl? How can it be that there are people demonstrating against Abigail and in support of the people who abducted her? I understand that you feel the Palestinians are suffering, but do you really have no interest whatsoever in actual facts? Do you know that Hamas doesn't support a two-state solution? They don't even want to free Palestine. That's not the kind of movement they are. Hamas is a radical Islamist organization, like ISIS. Their goal is an Islamic caliphate across the Middle East without Jews, without LGBT people, without Christians, even without moderate Muslims. There is a reason that you're protesting against us these days and, like everything else, it comes from feelings. Because, as opposed to everything you think about yourselves, everything you say about being color blind, humane, champions of human rights and all the rest, you have one other personality trait - you are antisemites. I know you think you're not, but you are. The writer is a former prime minister of Israel and currently the leader of the Opposition in the Knesset.

2023-10-26 00:00:00

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