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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Armed Revolution Against Al-Sisi2015-February-23
Is Hamas Nearing the Breaking Point? 2015-February-20
How Egypt Sees the Islamic State Threat in Libya2015-February-20
Egypt Outraged by U.S. State Department Hosting of Muslim Brotherhood2015-February-19
Report: Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda Planned Attacks in Egypt2015-February-16
Assessing the Strategic Threat from ISIS2015-February-13
Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Refuses to Condemn the Islamic State for Killing Jordanian Pilot2015-February-10
Muslim Clerics Denounce Burning Alive of Pilot as Un-Islamic2015-February-05
Egypt and the New Terror Onslaught2015-February-03
The Attacks in France: An Isolated Incident or the Start of a Global War?2015-January-16
Muslim Charity Stripped of UK Funding over Extremism2015-January-15
Implications of a Visit by Senior Islamic Official to Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque 2015-January-12
Hamas Asked to Keep Low Profile in Qatar2015-January-08
Military Intelligence Foresees Threats to Israel in 20152014-December-30
Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood Have Their Sights on the West Bank and Jordan2014-December-24
Gulf States and Qatar Gloss Over Differences, But Split Still Hampers Them2014-December-23
Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan Accused of Planning Attacks on Israelis 2014-December-02
Abbas: Egypt Right to Create Buffer Zone on Gaza Border2014-December-02
Internal Hamas Debate about Rethinking Policies2014-December-01
What about the Jewish Nakba?2014-December-01
Israel Protests to NATO over New Hamas Headquarters in Turkey 2014-November-27
UAE Designates Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization2014-November-17
Leading Muslim Brotherhood Theologian Calls to Kill the Jews 2014-November-14
Mobilize a Regional Coalition of Moderates to Confront the Radicals2014-November-14
The Hidden Hand of ISIS and Its Impact on Palestinian Escalation2014-November-14
The "Status Quo" on the Temple Mount2014-November-13
In the UAE, the U.S. Has a Quiet, Potent Ally2014-November-11
How Islam Has Been Hijacked2014-October-31
The Role of Hamas and Fatah in the Jerusalem Disturbances2014-October-27
Defense Minister Ya'alon Blasts Turkey, Erdogan as "Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood Axis"2014-October-22
Britain to Crack Down on Muslim Brotherhood2014-October-21
No Link Between Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the War on ISIS 2014-October-20
The Genome of Islamic Terrorism2014-October-06
Paradigm Change for Solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2014-October-01
Egypt's President Backs Global Campaign Against Islamic State Extremists2014-September-24
Qatar's Support of Hamas and Jihadist Forces in the Middle East2014-September-23
Britain to Curb Muslim Brotherhood Operations in London2014-September-16
From Gaza to ISIS: Assessing Change in Today's Middle East2014-September-16
Prominent Muslim Brotherhood Figures to Leave Qatar2014-September-15
Qatar's Support of Extremists Alienates Allies Near and Far2014-September-08
Israel and the Arab World: Alliances of Convenience in a Long War2014-September-04
Saudi Arabia: 88 Held on Suspicion of Terrorist Ties2014-September-03
Saudi Arabia Ups Pressure on Qatar2014-September-01
Qatar Makes Mischief in Middle East 2014-September-01
Why Israel Has an Absolute Right to Defend Its People2014-August-29
Egypt and UAE Launch Airstrikes Against Islamists in Libya 2014-August-26
Qatar: Club Med for Terrorists2014-August-25
Hamas Seeks an Islamic Caliphate, Not an Independent Palestinian State 2014-August-19
American Intervention in the Gaza Conflict2014-August-08
Reconstruction in Return for Demilitarization2014-August-06

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