Support Egyptian President Sisi; Stand Up to Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei

(Times of Israel) Malcolm Hoenlein interviewed by David Horovitz - American Jewish leaders from the 52-member Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations recently met with Egyptian President Sisi. Malcolm Hoenlein, the group's executive vice chairman, described the meeting: "He said when Sadat (made peace with Israel) 40 years ago, no one could have imagined that the current level of engagement and cooperation with Israel would exist. He said to me earlier, 'if 30 years ago I would have said to you that 1,000 Egyptian war tanks would enter the Sinai, and Egyptian war planes would fly every day along the Israeli border, and nobody has to worry about a stray bullet, would you have believed me?'...He gets Hamas. He gets the threat and the need to address it." The Muslim Brotherhood attacked him afterwards for his meeting with us. They called him "Sisi the Jew." Just think, if President Sisi was not there, what would the Gaza war have been like (in 2014)? How many more lives would have been lost? He stands up to the terrorists. And the West should be there supporting him. The perception in other countries is that the West is doing nothing, it's a paper tiger. They say, look, Iran is getting away with their violations. The West doesn't have the will to stand up to them. You know that they're not going to keep the agreement. Ask any of the serious people at the IAEA, as we have. They say, we don't really have full access yet to all information. Listen to what the Iranians say: We're already doubling the amount we have of enriched uranium. We have other facilities. We're doing ballistic missile tests and we will do much more. So they'll wait the 10 years to perfect the system. They could buy (the bomb) elsewhere; the North Koreans could be testing for them. Iran has a huge infrastructure, and now will have a lot of money to place behind it. But it's driven by an extremist ideology. That's why I said, when you have radical religious ideologies behind the movements that we're dealing with, you can't deal with them in the traditional, rational way, because often the motivation is an irrational one. You've got to stand up for principle. You've got to be tough with terrorists and their supporters. You've got to take the words of their leaders seriously. Khamenei has told us all along what he intends to do, and what Iran's goals are, and what they want to impose. When they say they want to destroy Israel. When they say they want to establish hegemony. When they say they want to spread Iranian influence. All those things they mean and they're doing much of it today.

2016-02-23 00:00:00

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