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Ideological Fault Lines in the Wreckage of the Arab State System2016-September-22
The New Normal: Today's Arab Debate over Ties with Israel2016-August-30
Muslim Brotherhood Seen as Front-Runner in Jordanian and PA Elections2016-August-29
German Report Calls Turkey "the Central Platform of Action for Islamist Groups in the Middle East"2016-August-18
Why Baghdadi's "Caliphate" Should Be Destroyed2016-August-12
Sisi's New Approach to Egypt-Israel Relations2016-August-01
Israeli Ambassador to Cairo Upbeat on Egypt Ties2016-July-07
Israel-Turkey Accord Will Not Signal Near-Term Revival of Defense Ties2016-June-29
Why Turkey Needed to Reconcile with Israel2016-June-28
Turkey Will Mediate the Next Round of Fighting between Israel and Hamas2016-June-27
After the Israel-Turkey Agreement, Turkey and Hamas Will Still Collaborate2016-June-27
Egyptian TV Takes Aim at Gaza Palestinians2016-June-23
Hamas' Weak Political Standing 2016-April-19
The Internal Palestinian Fight for Jerusalem 2016-April-19
Strengthened Saudi-Egypt Ties May Serve Israeli Interests 2016-April-18
The Aftershock of the Nazi War against the Jews: Could the 1948 War Against Israel Have Been Prevented? 2016-April-01
Is Turkey Planning to Destabilize Lebanon?2016-March-29
How Hard Is It to Understand that Radical Islamist Jihadis Have Declared War on the West? 2016-March-25
Hamas Removes Images of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood Slogans to Ease Tensions with Egypt2016-March-22
Hamas Hopes for a Seaport 2016-March-11
Egypt Says Muslim Brotherhood, Backed by Hamas, Killed Top Prosecutor2016-March-07
Support Egyptian President Sisi; Stand Up to Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei2016-February-23
Does "Occupation" Justify Terrorism?2016-February-04
Egypt's President Turns to Religion to Bolster His Authority2016-January-11
Egypt Asks Israel to Keep Turkey Away from Gaza 2016-January-08
IDF: Israel Has -Common Language- with Moderate Arab States2016-January-07
Arab Politics Slows Rebuilding in Gaza 2015-December-31
Polls Show Low Support for Islamic State, But Stronger Support for Violence "in Defense of Islam"2015-December-31
The Reconfiguration of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt2015-December-23
Will the West Defend Its Own Values Against Radical Islam?2015-December-23
The Muslim Schism over Jerusalem2015-September-22
Hamas Set to Win Seat at UN Economic and Social Council2015-July-17
Egypt Accuses Turkey of Subversion2015-July-14
Is Hamas Working with Islamic State in Sinai?2015-July-08
Egyptian Security Forces Kill Nine Muslim Brotherhood Leaders in Cairo2015-July-02
Egypt Surprised by IS Attacks in Sinai 2015-July-02
Egypt's Top Prosecutor Assassinated 2015-June-30
The Islamization of World Soccer?2015-June-10
In New Egyptian Ramadan Drama, Jews Are the Good Guys2015-June-05
A Critique of Obama's Understanding of Israel by an Israeli General 2015-June-02
Some Hamas Leaders Want Calm, Some Don't 2015-May-22
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Becoming More Radical2015-May-22
New Saudi Monarch Seen Moving in Conservative Direction at Home2015-April-30
UK: Whatever Happened to that Muslim Brotherhood Review?2015-April-03
U.S. Resumes Military Aid to Egypt Suspended Since 20132015-April-01
Egypt's Al-Nour Party: A Salafi Partner in the Fight Against Terrorism?2015-March-18
Egypt's Sisi: The Enemy Is Political Islam2015-March-13
How the Middle East Differs from the West2015-March-11
ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood 2015-March-05
Egypt Left to Fight Alone Against Islamist Terrorism2015-February-27

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