Egyptian President Sisi Chooses Survival over Democracy

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is doing whatever he can to ensure the survival and sustainability of Egypt's secular military regime. El-Sisi's main enemy remains the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical Muslim organizations fighting to uproot the current regime to replace it with a "truly" Islamic regime. El-Sisi himself was twice targeted by extreme Islamic radicals identified with the Islamic State. Once during a visit to Saudi Arabia, the terrorists had planned to smuggle explosives to the 34th floor of the Swiss Hotel where he was lodged, and if this failed, a woman wearing a suicide jacket was set to explode near the president. The second plot to assassinate el-Sisi was to be in Helwan, south of Cairo, carried out by six officers, four of whom belonged to the "Central Security force." Due to his merciless battle against Islamic radicals seeking to topple his regime, el-Sisi has transformed Egypt's political landscape into a repressive regime with zero tolerance for its critics. There is no doubt that el-Sisi will be elected president for a second term in the elections on March 26-28, and most probably a third term if he wants to and if he survives potential attacks on his life. The writer, an analyst for the Jerusalem Center, was Deputy Head for Assessment of Israeli Military Intelligence.

2018-03-06 00:00:00

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