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Jordanians Call for Annulling Peace Treaty with Israel2009-October-28
The Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey: A Surfacing Submarine2009-October-28
Bringing in Hamas Will Undo the Peace Process2009-October-23
Mahmoud Abbas Visits Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir 2009-August-21
Diskin Briefs Cabinet on Hamas Activities in Jerusalem2009-July-20
Amman March Calls on Jordan Government to Sever Israel Ties2009-June-15
Some Muslims Seem Won Over by President's Speech 2009-June-05
Muslim Brotherhood Falters as Egypt Outflanks Islamists2009-May-22
Islamic Radicals Blame Jews for Swine Flu2009-May-12
Israeli Concessions Will Not Soften Iran, They Will Have the Opposite Effect2009-May-04
Country Reports on Terrorism 2008: Foreign Terrorist Organizations 2009-May-01
Is "Two-State" the Best Solution? 2009-April-17
Netanyahu Aide Skeptical on Syria Talks 2009-March-13
Amman Suspends Its Hamas Flirtation2009-February-06
The Iran-Syria-Qatar-Hizbullah Axis2009-February-03
The George Mitchell Appointment: The Tactics of "Symmetrical Negotiations" May Not Work in "Asymmetrical Conflicts"2009-January-26
Arab States Fear Muslim Militancy More Than They Dislike Israel 2009-January-23
Hamas' No-State Solution2009-January-13
If Hamas Is the Victim, Why Is Ramallah So Quiet?2009-January-12
Iran's Hamas Strategy2009-January-08
Video: The Importance of an Israeli Victory Against Hamas for the West2009-January-06
In Gaza, the Real Enemy is Iran2009-January-04
Israel Must Not Negotiate with Hamas2009-January-02
Forgotten Flowering of Political Islam2008-December-17
Arab Islamist Cleric to Palestinians: Slaughter the Jews Like You Did in 1929 2008-December-12
PA Crackdown Has Reduced Hamas Financial Power in West Bank2008-November-17
Hamas Introducing New Legal Code Based on Islamic Religious Law 2008-November-14
Understanding the Syria-Iran Alliance 2008-November-07
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Faces Dissent from Within 2008-October-03
Why Syria Will Keep Provoking Israel 2008-October-03
Sunni Sheikh Qaradawi Warns of Iranian Shiite Threat 2008-September-19
Egyptian Police Stop Bus Convoys Heading to Gaza 2008-September-11
A Middle East Strategy for the West 2008-September-01
Book Review: Chasing a Mirage 2008-August-22
Al-Qaeda Affiliate - Jaish al-Islam - Receives Formal Sanctuary in Hamas-Ruled Gaza 2008-August-20
Regional Leaders Readjust Their Posture toward the Pro-Iranian "Resistance Front" 2008-August-08
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide: Bin Laden Is a Jihad Fighter 2008-July-28
Talking to Terrorists: The Myths, Misconceptions and Misapplication of the Northern Ireland Peace Process 2008-July-18
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Praises Bin Laden 2008-May-30
Food Crisis Creates an Opening for Muslim Fundamentalists2008-May-19
Hizbullah Redrawing Mideast Map 2008-May-12
The Diplomatic Dance with Hamas2008-May-02
Egypt Holds Four in Suspected Hamas Plot with Explosive-Laden Pilotless Aircraft2008-April-28
Egypt Builds a Wall and Changes Its Tune on Israel's Barrier 2008-April-22
Back to the Jordanian Option: Why a Final-Status Agreement with Palestinians Is Unfeasible2008-April-18
It Was Always a Jihad2008-April-15
Egyptian Municipal Elections Fizzle2008-April-10
Ethnic Dispute Tears Al-Qaeda 2008-March-13
Israel Has No Other Alternative, Must Stop the Rocket Fire from Gaza2008-March-06
Egypt Starts Gas Exports to Israel2008-February-27

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