Israeli Concessions Will Not Soften Iran, They Will Have the Opposite Effect

[Jerusalem Post] Interview with Minister for Strategic Affairs Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon - There are people who believe that the way to deal with Iran is by solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The widespread conception is that the way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is by Israeli withdrawals. I believe that this whole idea is wrong at its core. If you solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, it will not stop or even soften the Islamic jihadists. The Islamic revolution did not erupt because of us. Al-Qaeda was not created because of us and even Hizbullah did not rise up because of us. The Muslim Brotherhood was also established without connection to us. It was established in 1928 when there wasn't a State of Israel. It was not even a response to Zionism. Therefore, this whole connection is completely superficial. In addition, the attempt over the last 16 years to solve the conflict with territorial concessions has been proven wrong, since the conflict is not just territorial and over the definition of the borders and size of Israel but rather is about our right to exist. After Israel left Lebanon, Hizbullah grew stronger. The same happened following the Gaza withdrawal, when we were told that we would achieve quiet since we would neutralize the Palestinians' raison d'etre. Instead, we got a stronger Hamas and a Hamastan in Gaza. When you withdraw and surrender to the Islamic jihadists, you are essentially providing them with a victory. Therefore, anyone who thinks that Israeli concessions and withdrawals will solve the conflict and will soften the Iranians' position is wrong. It will have the opposite effect.

2009-05-04 06:00:00

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