Arab Media: Flotilla Participants Writing Wills, Preparing for Martyrdom

(MEMRI) In Friday sermons, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Muhammad Badi' expressed support for Hamas, frequently reiterating harsh statements in favor of jihad and of the armed struggle in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The Egyptian flotilla delegation included two members of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc in the Egyptian parliament: Muhammad Al-Baltaji, deputy secretary-general of the Brotherhood bloc, and Hazem Farouq. The Jordanian flotilla delegation included Muslim Brotherhood activists such as delegation head Wael Al-Saka and Salam Al-Falahat, who was general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan from 2006 to 2008. Prominent activists in the Yemeni flotilla delegation were three MPs from the Al-Islah party, an Islamist party that is close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

2010-06-02 09:13:19

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