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Blaming "El Yahud"2013-February-12
Report #2: A Militia to Protect the Egyptian Regime2013-February-11
The Pharaoh Fell, But His Poisonous Legacy Lingers2013-February-11
Report #1: A Militia to Protect the Egyptian Regime 2013-February-11
Ahmadinejad in Egypt: Not the Start of a Beautiful Friendship2013-February-08
What Would Happen at a Netanyahu-Abbas-Obama Meeting?2013-February-08
Is Palestinian-Israeli Peace the Key to Happiness in the Middle East?2013-February-08
Israel's Problem with Turkey Is Bigger than the Mavi Marmara2013-February-07
F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood2013-February-05
Syrian Rebels Slam Assad for Not Responding to Israeli Raid2013-February-04
Jordan's King Abdullah Won This Round2013-February-01
The Peace Process After the Israeli Election 2013-January-30
Former Associate Calls Egypt's Morsi a "Master of Disguise"2013-January-29
UAE Charges "Plotters Linked to Muslim Brotherhood"2013-January-28
In Jordan, the Brotherhood Loses2013-January-25
Netanyahu's Back2013-January-25
Egypt's Morsi Implies Jews Control the American Media2013-January-24
Muslim Brotherhood Deepens Control in Egypt2013-January-24
Jihadists on the Nile 2013-January-24
As Elections Near, Protesters in Jordan Increasingly Turn Anger Toward the King 2013-January-23
Missed Opportunities for Reform in Jordan 2013-January-23
Peace Is Impossible without a Credible Palestinian Partner2013-January-22
Egypt's U.S.-Subsidized Politics of Hate2013-January-16
Egypt's Christians Worried by Islamists' Rise2013-January-10
Arab Spring's Side Effects: Threats Against Israel2013-January-09
The Enduring Egypt-Iran Divide2013-January-08
Brotherhood Victories Lead Muslim Clerics to Intensify Incitement Against Jews2013-January-08
Poll: Palestinians Believe Hamas Won in Gaza War2013-January-07
Emirates' Arrest of Egyptians Raises Ire in Cairo2013-January-04
Egyptian Official: Israel Will Be Wiped Out in a Decade2013-January-01
Liberal Egyptians Wary of Muslim Brotherhood's "Supreme Guide"2013-January-01
Egypt: Growing Criticism of Muslim Brotherhood2012-December-28
Egypt: A Minority Constitution for a Minority of Extremists2012-December-27
Israel Remains an Island of Stability among Hostile Islamist Movements2012-December-26
Constitution "Yes" Gives Egypt's Islamists Foundation to Create More Religious State 2012-December-24
Support for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Erodes in an Islamist Bastion2012-December-24
Egypt Democratically Adopts an Anti-Western Dictatorship 2012-December-18
Egypt's Sisyphean Struggle for Democracy2012-December-14
Revolution Time Again for Egypt? 2012-December-13
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Its True Intentions towards Israel2012-December-12
Pressure Grows on Morsi to Stem Powers as Tanks Surround Egypt's Presidential Palace2012-December-07
Muslim Brotherhood Inherits U.S. War Gear 2012-December-07
The New Middle East's New Problems2012-December-04
The Gaza War and Its Fallout2012-November-28
The Brotherhood's True Colors2012-November-26
Who Won in Gaza? 2012-November-26
Lessons from Gaza2012-November-26
Egypt Brotherhood Leader Blasts Peace with Israel 2012-November-23
Hamas' Escalation Calculation2012-November-23
Turkish-Israeli Relations: Time for Urgent Reassessment2012-November-23

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