Hamas Losing Popularity among Egyptians

(Al Ahram-Egypt) Ahmed Eleiba - According to Moussa Abu Marzouq, deputy-director of Hamas' political bureau, Omar Suleiman, the former director of the Egyptian General Intelligence service, was a "patriot who assisted and aided the Palestinian resistance." Since last year's election of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, relations between Egypt and Hamas can be described as a "strategic embrace," with both groups sharing similar origins. Yet those who follow Egyptian public opinion can easily detect a harshly negative tone towards the Palestinian factions, especially Hamas. According to some opinion polls, many Egyptians believe Hamas has become a burden on Egypt. A long list of accusations has been made against Hamas, including the security threat represented by the underground tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Maj.-Gen. Alaa Ezzeddin, former director of the Egyptian Armed Forces Strategic Studies Department, said, "There is the problem of the tunnels, which is now being dealt with....We do not want to work against the Palestinian cause, but we must bring matters under control, which is what we are doing now."

2013-04-26 00:00:00

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